Old Growth

A grower collective with deep ties to the craft and culture of the West Coast.

Old Growth Collective is a Health Canada Licensed, Standard Processor based in Sooke, BC.

Our members have spent decades developing and refining their techniques in craft cultivation and extraction; the Old Growth Collective brings their legendary craft to your stash.

Fuelled by passion and dedication to the resin.

Legacy cultivators who helped build the legend behind “BC Bud”

The legal Canadian market is extremely underserved when it comes to craft cannabis; most craft products claiming to be of “craft” quality fall short of what is possible.

By partnering with growers and extractors that comes with true legacy roots and experience, Old Growth Collective offers a true BC Craft experience to Canadians.

True BC Craft cannabis experience backed by legacy and expertise

Old Growth Collective offers a portfolio of rare, sought-after genetics and crosses that have taken years to identify and breed. Grown by legacy cultivators to the highest quality, OGC’s flower portfolio will deliver on a premium, craft experience out of the jar, every time.

We also process high-grade solventless extracts that offer the ideal cannabis experience without the use of harsh chemicals or additives.

Supporting the culture through legacy growers and processors

The Old Growth Collective model will not only make true, BC craft quality cannabis more accessible to legal consumers, it is also designed to help legacy growers and processors transition their products from the illicit market to the legal market.

It’s a model that directly supports those who paved the path for craft cannabis culture.