This is where it all starts.

Where it all starts: clean, perfectly grown cannabis flowers; high in terpenes and cannabinoids as well as dripping resin. Our growers have taken the time to select the strains that are key when producing live hash, and then they are carefully hand picked in order to retain resin before freezing for extraction.

Live Hash

Whole plant fresh frozen.

Not all resin glands are created equal. To ensure no terpenes are lost we must make sure the ice and water are clean and cold before frozen flowers are added. Once they are, we gently hand wash the material to drop the resin to be cleaned through filters. The end product is a clean solventless product rich in flavour and high in potency.

Cold Cured

Whole plant fresh frozen rosin.

Refining our hashish: WPFF Rosin is the result of taking perfectly maintained resin and refining it to a higher purity using heat and pressure to “juice” the hash. Once it has gone through the pressing process, it must be “cured” in order to get into a wetter consistency; curing WPFF rosin can take anywhere from 7 days to a couple of months, but we cannot rush the process.


Whole plant fresh frozen rosin.

Refining our rosin: We take a cured rosin and “jar tek” it at a low heat to create pressure within the jar; this process uses the terpenes as a solvent and separates itself from THCA crystals. This process is done so that there is minimal terpene loss, and the product comes out in a “slushy” consistency with terpenes binding them.